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ArcGIS Administrator

ArcGIS Administrator

This is a 12+ month contract position in the Energy Corridor, onsite 2-3 days per week. This role is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of geospatial solutions with the business, the management of geospatial data for the community, and working directly with users to resolve their issues in working with the ArcGIS applications and data. Job duties include working with the Geospatial Services team to ensure constant standards and implementation of the geospatial software. This role will also focus on ArcGIS Enterprise/ArcGIS Pro/ArcGIS Monitor architecture and end user support.

•Provide support of the ArcGIS Global Enterprise Environment
•Provide End User Support of ArcGIS Pro
•Deploy solutions and monitoring capabilities within ArcGIS Monitor
•Provide support and consult on Geospatial projects with business partners -Includes prioritizing tasks, communicating progress, and ensuring requirements are met
• Development/customization of Geospatial solutions -WebApp Builder, Experience Builder, ESRI Mobile Applications, Python, FME, etc.
• Design and manage spatial datasets for efficient use by supported users
• Configure and manage applications for efficient use by supported users
• Ensure availability of applications
• Deploying/Upgrading new versions of software.
• Server/Software Patching and Changes
• Partnering with vendors for escalated support

Preferred qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree
o ArcGIS customization using ArcGIS Enterprise, WAB, ExB, and ESRI Mobile Applications
• Solid understanding of geographic information systems and spatial data
o Administration of ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE, and Oracle database
o Administration of ArcGIS Enterprise
o Administration of ArcGIS Online
o Administration of ArcGIS Monitor
• Solid understanding of data conversion and translations
• Understanding of database principles
• Understanding of ArcGIS data store

This listing has expired.