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Chemical Engineer – Energetics

Chemical Engineer – Energetics

The Chemical Engineer will be involved in all phases of energetics technology delivery, new product development, manufacturing support and expert operation support. You will condition explosives for use in initiators, evaluate, and test energetic materials that are used for downhole tools.

Be familiar with energetic materials including RDX, HMX, HNS, NONA and black powder.
Understand chemical analytical instruments such as HPLC, DSC, TGA and IR; understand how the output from these instruments describes the quality energetic materials.
Be familiar with particle size reduction and granulation processing techniques.
Be competent in a chemical lab and creative enough to develop tests to trouble shoot issues that arrive around the plant.
Apply technical knowledge to engineering projects on materials and their processing.
Consult on material selection, characterization, and physical properties for materials in sustaining and new product development.
Conduct predictive failure analyses and root cause analyses for experimental and operational failures.
Propose modifications for materials to enhance performance.
Analyze data to facilitate continuous product improvements.
Coordinate with suppliers and sub-contractors on material manufacturing activities.
Perform engineering reviews on topics related to materials for contract and sub-contract statements of work and/or specifications.
Develop and implement process controls and specifications for manufacturing, quality, and procurement functions.
Investigate service quality incidents across the full product lifecycle and implement remedial action plans.
Produce detailed technical reports and effective technical presentations for internal and external stakeholders.

Master’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering with experience in the explosives industry.
Strong working knowledge of explosives and energetic material such as propellants.
Sound comprehension of chemical analytics.
Expertise with analytical instruments including HPLC, DSC, TGA and IR.
Experience with failure analysis and root cause investigations.
Ability to determine and execute appropriate analytical techniques and laboratory tests for material analysis.
Ability to work independently and with a team.

Preferred Qualifications:
A PhD degree in a relevant Engineering or Materials Science discipline.
3+ years of experience related to research, engineering, and/or manufacturing.
A formal education or experience with energetic materials.
Knowledge of manufacturing processes such as nitration’s and Ullman coupling, crystallization and granulation.

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